The APWA Click, Listen, and Learn Programs


Click, Listen, and Learn pic
Click, Listen, and Learn

From its headquarters in Walnut Creek, RMC Water and Environment manages seven offices in the state of California and offers a range of services to the public and private sectors, including environmental planning, civil engineering, and hydrologic modeling. RMC Water and Environment is a member of the American Public Works Association (APWA), which has created a series of Click, Listen, and Learn (CLL) programs for its members.

CLLs are Internet-based educational programs that offer students the opportunity to listen to course materials on their phones and computers. Each program features two leading experts who cover innovative methods, ideas, and technologies over the course of the two-hour program.

CLLs are free to APWA members, though each program has a limited number of participants and a first come, first served policy. Nonmembers of APWA may also participate, though they must pay a fee of $175 per CLL.

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