Highlights of the 2017 AWWA Annual Conference

American Water Works Association pic
American Water Works Association
Image: awwa.org

A wastewater treatment firm headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, RMC Water and Environment focuses on creative big-picture solutions and environmentally friendly practices. Recently, Leslie Dumas, a senior water resources engineer at RMC Water and Environment, presented at the American Water Works Association 2017 Annual Conference on the topic “Implementing SGMA: An Update on California’s Foray into Groundwater Regulation.”

The AWWA 2017 Annual Conference, titled “Uniting the World of Water,” brought water professionals together from across the country to the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia from June 12 through 14. The event included networking opportunities and continuing education programs, as well as an extensive exhibition hall of products for water management.

The conference offered workshops such as “Planning and Applying the Latest Practices in Computer Modeling,” which guided participants in how to apply the latest advances in computer modeling technology to creating water distribution systems. Several committee meetings also took place at the conference.

To learn more about the AWWA, or for information about next year’s conference, visit www.awwa.org.