California Emphasizes Integrated Regional Water Management Practices

In California, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) oversees water quality and management activities statewide. One of DWR’s areas of emphasis is Integrated Water Regional Management (IWRM), which focuses on water resource management in a specified area. Since 2003, RMC Water and Environment has collaborated with DWR and local municipalities to implement the IWRM concept effectively.

An environmental engineering firm, RMC Water and Environment has worked on IWRM projects both in rural settings and in some of the state’s most populous areas, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. As DWR notes, IWRM projects must address perspectives and efforts of multiple stakeholders and often cross-jurisdictional and watershed boundaries. Typical IWRM projects involve devising water management strategies and implementation plans and seeking grants to fund IWRM initiatives.

DWR administers several grants which focus on IWRM planning and implementation, along with storm water flood management. Through the collaborative efforts of state and local parties, these projects promote effective water use and recycling practices throughout California.