End of California Drought in Sight after More Than Five Years

California Drought pic
California Drought
Image: breitbart.com

Founded in 1998, RMC Water and Environment provides clients with environmental engineering services such as modeling, design, and construction. The team at RMC Water and Environment has helped many municipalities in California develop recycled water and potable reuse solutions that can help combat the effects of drought in the state.

Recently, municipalities, businesses, and individuals in California were treated to the good news from the US Drought Monitor Report that less than 20 percent of the state is facing drought conditions for the first time in more than five years. The data states that just over eight percent of California is still considered to be in a moderate to severe drought, while just over 15 percent remains abnormally dry. One year ago, more than 90 percent of the state was suffering from drought.

The lessening of the drought comes as a result of several months of rainstorms in late 2016 and early 2017, bringing record levels of rain and a snowpack on the Sierra Nevada mountain range between 150 and 175 percent of normal. While lifting drought restrictions in California is a widely discussed debate among lawmakers, many residents are choosing to continue conserving water as mandated by a 2015 order from Governor Jerry Brown to cut water use by 25 percent. The restriction has allowed the state to experience an overall water use reduction rate of 22.5 percent in just two years.


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