The SWRCB’s General Waste Discharge Requirement

RMC Water and Environment Wastewater pic
RMC Water and Environment Wastewater

Based in Walnut Creek, California, RMC Water and Environment works on large-scale water recycling projects in California. Dedicated to continued innovation, RMC Water and Environment is a member of the California Water Environment Association (CWEA). On its website, the CWEA provides information about California’s State Water Resources Control Board’s (SWRCB) General Waste Discharge Requirement (WDR).

Adopted in May 2006, the WDR offers a statewide approach focused on reducing Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and applies to all of California’s publicly-owned sanitary sewer collection systems that maintain over one mile of sewerage pipes.

The WDR requires relevant organizations take all possible steps to prevent untreated wastewater from entering creeks, storm drains, and natural bodies of water in the event of an SSO. All SSOs are reported to the SWRCB using its online reporting system, with the Office of Emergency Services requiring notification when spills exceed 1,000 gallons.

All of California’s publicly-owned collection system agencies that operate over one mile of sewerage pipe are also required to create Sewer System Management Plans (SSMPs). The SSMP should be available to the public and must meet the WDR’s mandatory requirements to demonstrate a practical commitment to health and safety.


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