The Association of California Water Agencies 2016 Goals

Association of California Water Agencies pic
Association of California Water Agencies


Founded in 1988, RMC Water and Environment has designed and developed strategies for organizations throughout California to help with the implementation of regional watershed plans and the creation of wastewater treatment facilities and recycled water systems. A multi-award-winning company, RMC Water and Environment is a member of the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA).

With the overall goal of supporting its members in the creation and oversight of solutions that provide quality water with minimal effect on the environment, while taking costs into account, the ACWA implemented the following policy goals in 2016:

1. Advocating for the creation of a policy that confronts California’s issues with drought and water conservation.
2. Highlighting the benefits of various technical solutions for advanced water storage.
3. Promoting new policy or advancement in policy on the subjects of forestry management and headwaters.
4. Working on the legislative and administrative challenges that need to be overcome in regards to accessing the voluntary water markets and making improvements to water transfers.
5. Offering guidance in the creation of clean drinking water initiatives that benefit underserved communities.
6. Promoting the importance of Delta Solutions, which is comprised of researchers from the UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, to the creation of plans and ensuring the organization plays a role in developing water reliability solutions for the state.


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