California Stormwater Quality Association Advocacy Efforts

California Stormwater Quality Association pic
California Stormwater Quality Association

RMC Water and Environment is a Walnut Creek-headquartered consulting engineering company that offers a host of regional water management services spanning California. RMC Water and Environment’s dedicated solutions are geared toward enabling water recycling through potable reuse, and eliminating storm and flooding damage risks.

The company maintains status as a certified green business and is active with a diversity of organizations focused on the environment, including the California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA). The organization fulfills a strong advocacy role and in 2016 guided a stormwater funding constitutional ballot measure initiative in tandem with the League of California Cities, the Association of California Water Agencies, and other organizations.

The aim was to set in place an optional system that would provide improved funding capacities for sewer, flood control, water, and stormwater projects. Although the plan was ultimately not brought up for ballot vote, the work that went into defining the scope of such an initiative has set in place valuable groundwork for future efforts. With heavy rains returning to California in late 2016 and extensive storm damage resulting, the need for such an initiative is increasingly apparent to the general public. RMC has plans to participate in the 2017 CASQA conference, which will be held in Sacramento in late September.


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