San Diego County Makes Gains in Water Conservation and Reuse

San Diego pic
San Diego

RMC Water and Environment is a well-established provider of regional water management services that are comprehensive and fully integrated within existing client frameworks. RMC Water and Environment’s approach emphasizes the use of potable reuse strategies that meet California Title 22 mandates and enlarge the scope of wastewater recycling within a situation of water scarcity.

One region facing significant water import hurdles in meeting the demands of area residents is San Diego County. Addressing pressing issues, RMC has advised the San Diego Integrated Regional Water Management Program and Plan for the past five years in critical areas such as water sourcing and management. The result has been net gains in conservation, with 2015 potable water use standing at 40 percent less per capita than in 1990.

In December 2016, San Diego County celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Claude (“Bud”) Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant, which alleviated the impact of strict emergency water-use mandates that went into effect statewide in March 2016. The plant provided approximately 10 percent of the county’s water supply and generated 15 billion gallons of drinking water. In addition, it was characterized as alleviating pressure on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta, which is ecologically vulnerable and facing strains from water use demands statewide.


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