Alyson Watson – a Woman Making Strides in Engineering

Alyson Watson pic
Alyson Watson

Since its establishment in 1988, RMC Water and Environment has offered and implemented viable strategies to facilitate integrated regional water management plans, regional watershed plans, recycled water systems, and wastewater treatment systems, among others. An award-winning environmental engineering company, RMC Water and Environment is led by a strong team of accomplished engineers such as its current president Alyson Watson.

Alyson Watson became the president of RMC in January 2015. She replaced Randy Raines, who was promoted to chair the company’s board.

Prior to her appointment as president, Watson had served in various positions in the company including as business development director, operations manager, and project manager. An experienced water resources engineer, Watson has been described by colleagues as a steady and energetic leader with a firm commitment to excellent client service.

A chemical engineer with a master’s from Stanford University, Watson has been involved in numerous water resource projects in the United States, most notably with the American Water Works Association where she led multi-disciplinary teams in the Water Resources Planning and Management Committee and the Climate Change Committee.


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