Rooftop Elementary’s Garden Program Sets Standard for Outdoor Science

Rooftop Elementary’s Garden pic
Rooftop Elementary’s Garden

Listed on Engineering News Records’ Top 500 Design Firms, RMC Water and Environment provides workable engineering solutions to tap into California’s water resources. Involved in numerous community outreach programs, RMC Water and Environment staff in San Francisco, California, recently installed rain barrels in Rooftop Elementary School’s garden. The barrels store rain water which water the school’s garden and provide students in Rooftop Elementary’s Garden Program a lesson on water reuse and conservation.

The Rooftop Garden Program began with donated lumber and soil in 1984. Today, the program serves 330 students from kindergarten to 4th grade every year. Each class has a single garden session every week. In these classes, students study the morphology, survival, life cycles, and habitats of plants and animals. They also study rocks, soil formation, and organic decomposition.

An outdoor laboratory offering real-life examples of science concepts, Rooftop’s garden program has grown to become a model to be emulated by schools across San Francisco. The school’s garden science program is headed by Maria Wyss.


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