National WateReuse Award

National WateReuse Award pic
National WateReuse Award

With seven offices in cities across California, RMC Water and Environment supports public agencies by providing design and engineering planning services. Founded in 1998, RMC Water and Environment played a key role in Napa Sanitation District’s Recycled Water Expansion project by designing the 5-mile-long distribution pipeline that delivers recycled water to the Napa Valley.

The district’s project recently received the National WateReuse Award for Agricultural Project of the Year. Presented annually at the WateReuse Symposium, the award recognizes exceptional leadership in people, businesses, and utilities through projects that demonstrate an increase in agricultural sustainability, energy conservation, and nutrient delivery to crops through the utilization of recycled water. The WateReuse Association is an industry thought leader in the development of alternative water supplies.

RMC offers educational tools and policy guidance to public agencies in order to advance water reuse policies. It is a primary influencer of policy, regulation, and public opinion related to the use of recycled water.


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