What is a Certified Green Business?

Certified Green Business pic
Certified Green Business
Image: greenbiz.ca.gov

A renowned environmental engineering company, RMC Water and Environment concentrates exclusively on water-management solutions and possesses extensive experience in water recycling, wastewater infrastructure, and flood and stormwater protection. Based in California, RMC Water and Environment is currently recognized as a Certified Green Business by the Bay Area Green Business Program, a subsidiary of the California Green Business Program.

According to the statewide program, Certified Green Businesses are those which operate efficiently by regularly recycling, limiting waste, conserving resources, and preventing pollution. At present, California’s 3,400-plus Certified Green Businesses span more than 20 industries, from hotels and auto-repair shops to restaurants and grocery stores. All Certified Green Businesses must be in compliance with state environmental regulations, as well as meet specific environmental standards set forth by the program.

To receive the distinction of Certified Green Business in California, businesses must make a formal pledge to stay green, and apply for recognition via the program’s online registration system. For more details, visit www.GreenBiz.CA.gov.


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