Wastewater Management – Sustainable versus Unsustainable

RMC Water and Environment pic
RMC Water and Environment
Image: rmcwater.com

RMC Water and Environment is an environmental engineering company that focuses on water quality. Based in California, the company provides technical expertise to public agencies and supports engineering plans and designs. Over the years, RMC Water and Environment has completed many sustainable planning studies, including water, storm water, and wastewater management plans.

All living organisms produce waste that ends up in water bodies. However, waters in unpolluted natural environments, such as forests, usually have excellent water quality. This is due to the natural processes that purify wastes. However, these processes have a maximum capacity. If wastewater and storm water exceed that capacity, organic materials and pollutants accumulate in rivers, streams, and lakes. This is what constitutes unsustainable wastewater management.

Conversely, with a sustainable wastewater management system, organic nutrients in domestic wastewater that would overwhelm the environment are reused to grow food, resulting in less discharge of nutrients in water bodies. Additionally, this lessens the need for chemical fertilizers, thereby preventing the depletion of resources used to create these chemicals.


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