Managing Floods with Green Infrastructure

Watershed Management pic
Watershed Management

RMC Water and Environment was founded in 1998 as a new type of consulting and engineering firm. The firm helps clients by designing and planning solutions to wastewater-related issues. Current projects of RMC Water and Environment include developing ecologically friendly watershed solutions for flood and storm water protection.

Today, both localized and riverine flooding are increasing threats to communities. Implementation of green infrastructure can help to manage flooding by protecting floodplains and reducing storm water runoff. Localized flooding occurs when urban drainage systems are inundated. For this type of flooding, the types of green infrastructure implemented can absorb rainfall to prevent it from flooding sewer systems and streets. Such infrastructure includes permeable pavements, rain gardens, and bio-swales.

Besides green infrastructure, areas at risk of riverine flooding also benefit from floodplain management and open space preservation. Using these methods reduces the amount of storm water flowing into rivers and streams and decreases damages to property.


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