RMC Receives Irvine Green Business Certification

Green Certified Business pic
Green Certified Business
Image: rmcwater.com

RMC Water and Environment is a trusted service provider in areas of wastewater management, water recycling, and similar sustainability practices. RMC Water and Environment works with a number of businesses and municipalities throughout California and has received several honors and awards.

The Irvine Chamber of Commerce has officially recognized the local RMC office as a Green Certified Business, a distinction reserved for companies and non-profit organizations that have demonstrated a clear and ongoing commitment to sustainable business practices. RMC was specifically honored for its green business practices in areas of energy efficiency and conservation, waste reduction and recycling, and the provision of alternative transportation services.

The Irvine Chamber of Commerce additionally highlighted the company’s commitment to raising awareness about the importance of sustainable business activities among staff, including specialized job training that highlights the importance of green business practices. A few of the organization’s notable projects range from support of the Oceanside Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) to a local groundwater banking feasibility study for the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD).


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