How to Qualify as a Bay Area Green Business

Bay Area Green Business pic
Bay Area Green Business

Environmental engineering group RMC Water and Environment is a California-based firm that focuses on the creation of efficient water management solutions. With projects completed in the areas of water recycling, infrastructure, and treatment, RMC Water and Environment is also certified as a Bay Area Green Business.

To qualify as a Bay Area Green Business, a company must meet a set of sustainable standards. First, the company must be locally acknowledged as a leader in the area of environmentalism. The firm must also have a strong marketing platform that eclipses that of its competition and conduct operations in an efficient way that creates a strong bottom line. Additionally, a Bay Area Green Business must be committed to improving the health, productivity, and spirits of its employees.

To take the steps to achieve certification, a company must prove that it abides by established environmental regulations and may need to submit to visits from local agencies to determine compliance with waste and storm water, air quality, and hazardous material standards. The business must then refer to the Green Business checklist and document the steps taken to make internal operations sustainable. Representatives from local agencies will verify the company’s records with in-person visits.

Once these steps have been taken, a business must make a pledge to stay green and then apply to become a member.


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