The Irvine Chamber of Commerce’s Green Business Certification Program

Irvine Chamber of Commerce pic
Irvine Chamber of Commerce

Headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, RMC Water and Environment is an award-winning environmental engineering firm. RMC Water and Environment maintains green business certification with the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.

The Go Green Founders established the Irvine Chamber of Commerce’s green certification program. The free program promotes the integration of eco-friendly solutions in business operations that preserve the environment and reduce operational expenses.

Companies seeking certification must practice green purchasing, waste reduction and recycling, energy conservation, and use of alternative transportation. In addition, eligible candidates participate in training and awareness campaigns that promote environmental preservation. If a company has fulfilled all areas, it may complete and submit the green certification application for consideration, which is located at

The four-page application requires entry of contact information and a description of the business. A section regarding green practices must be filled out to provide a comprehensive description of how a company meets the requirements. For example, the waste reduction and recycling section gives options to disclose if a company offers a recycle e-waste program and uses electronic billing, while the green purchasing area provides choices for use of green cleaning products and buying from local vendors that also support green measures. All sections allow applicants to give further explanation of their practices.


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