American Public Works Association Proclaims National Public Works Week

American Public Works Association pic
American Public Works Association

Headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, RMC Water and Environment operates out of eight total offices within the state. To help it remain up to date with changes made in regards to water, wastewater, and storm water treatment, RMC Water and Environment belongs to several professional organizations, including the American Public Works Association (APWA).

Formed after the American Society of Municipal Engineers and the International Association of Public Works Officials, the APWA develops and supports people that plan, maintain, and build communities. The APWA also offers educational and professional development sessions to keep members current. Because public works cover a wide range of areas, the APWA helps communities understand its role through a variety of events.

One event that APWA hosts is its annual National Public Works Week, with the 2016 event occurring from May 15 through 21. Since 1960, the APWA has sponsored the week to educate the public on the importance of its members. The theme of the 2016 event was “Public Works Always There.” Each community can take advantage of the APWA’s resources and host special activities that allow for interaction between the community and public works employees. For instance, the San Diego chapter hosted free tours of the North City Reclamation Plant where visitors learned about water purification.


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