RMC’s Green Business Certification

RMC Water and Environment Wastewater pic
RMC Water and Environment Wastewater
Image: rmcwater.com

Multi-awarded RMC Water and Environment is a California-based company engaged in a variety of services related to environmental engineering. The Irvine office of RMC Water and Environment was recently acknowledged as a “Green Certified Business” by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.

One of the most active and largest chambers in Orange County, California, the Irvine Chamber aims to encourage an economic environment that sustains business competitiveness. Developed by the Go Green Founders, the chamber launched the Irvine Green Business Certification Program to help improve a company’s income through waste and energy-cost reductions, as well as providing access to rebates, incentives, and tax credits.

To qualify for the certification, RMC had to show appropriate practices in the following areas: green purchasing, staff training and awareness, alternative transportation, energy efficiency and conservation, and waste reduction and recycling.

As pointed out by the Irvine Chamber, having a green certification also helps in sales, marketing, and public relations as other companies and people would prefer dealing with firms that have a reputation for following sustainable practices.


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