What Does It Take to be a Green Business?

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

RMC Water and Environment is a California-based environmental engineering company that concentrates on protecting and managing water. The company provides unique design solutions to address local concerns about conservation, efficiency, and water cleanliness. Due to its conservation and awareness efforts, RMC Water and Environment’s Irvine office was named a certified green business by the Irvine Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

Six different criteria must be met to certify a company as being green. A business has to make environmentally-friendly purchases, be energy efficient and conserve resources, investigate and promote the use of alternative transportation (such as buses or bicycles), prevent pollution, conserve water, and train its staff in awareness of environmental issues.

Once the business is recognized as meeting all of the above requirements, it can be certified. Green practices may result in reduced energy costs as well as access to tax credits and rebates. The certification includes a mention on the Irvine Chamber of Commerce’s website, a press release, and social media coverage of the achievement. The certification is an incentive for businesses to help the environment and save money by doing so.


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