About Water Recycling

DropRMC Water and Environment is a California-based water solutions and management company that works with local waterways to engineer the best ways to maintain water. Over the years, RMC Water and Environment has supported its community with a variety of waste treatment solutions, water conservation, and recycling programs.

Water recycling is an important conservation measure, especially in times of drought. Essentially, water recycling works to eliminate contaminants from used water to improve quality so that it may be used again. Recycling uses mechanical and physical systems to treat wastewater for chemicals and larger physical particles.

The roughest form of wastewater is sewage. In recycling, the sewage is passed through bars that catch large objects, such as trash. Next, the water is slowed and allowed to separate, revealing solids that sink to the bottom as well as oils and greases that rise to the top in a layer. These contaminants can then be removed or clarified with air bubbles to make the sorting process easier.

The water is treated with microorganisms that eat leftover organic material. After the organisms do their work, chemical systems clarify and disinfect the water, which also removes the microorganisms in addition to purifying the water. Finally, the water is ready to be reintroduced to a stream or river, also called an “outfall.”


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