About Runoff Impact


RMC Water and Environment works throughout California to manage urban water use, wastewater solutions, and water protection. Located in offices throughout the state, RMC Water and Environment provides answers to those seeking to use their water more efficiently, protect their storage, or to treat contaminated water. One of the company’s areas of focus is protecting storm water.

Why would storm water need to be protected, and from what? Storm water is the runoff that occurs when it rains or snows. Water that doesn’t soak into the ground runs into our drains, sewers, and local streams, which can cause natural flooding and erosion, contributing to both habitat and property damage.

When a storm hits, high volumes of water can also collect large amounts of debris and pollutants, which cause drainage problems and stream impairment. Stopping this from happening is a key part of keeping local areas functional and healthy. Protecting yourself from runoff impact can help you and your property, and keeping runoff clean and free of contaminants will help the environment, and make it easier to reuse the water.

Design techniques can manage water runoff in ways that will store it or redirect it to better drainage areas. Assessment of drainage structures and routine maintenance is key to knowing whether or not your runoff is potentially damaging to buildings or habitat.


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