About the Research of the WateReuse Research Foundation

Founded with a mission to provide creative solutions to difficult water-related problems in eight California communities, RMC Water and Environment has more than a decade of experience in the industry. Its innovative, big-picture solutions to water management issues are a hallmark of the certified green and sustainable company. In addition to its memberships in the Association of California Water Agencies and the American Public Works Association, RMC Water and Environment supports the nonprofit WateReuse Research Foundation.

A partner with the WateReuse Association, the WateReuse Research Foundation is dedicated to promoting the responsible use of water resources through both reuse and desalination. To achieve its goal, the foundation funds and releases research on a variety of topics related to subjects such as treatment technologies, chemical contaminants, and public perception. Through its principles of scientific integrity, collaborative partnerships, effective use of funding, demonstrated benefits, and subscriber involvement, the foundation is able to effect change in areas of need in California and beyond. Much of the research currently sponsored by the foundation is focused on lowering the energy required for each stage of water resource use, especially as it relates to desalination technologies.


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