A Closer Look at the WateReuse Direct Potable Reuse Water Initiative

An environmental engineering company based in California, RMC Water and Environment works with both private and public entities to solve water-related compliance and conservation issues. As a subscriber to the WateReuse Research Foundation, RMC Water and Environment pools its resources with other partners to responsibly manage existing water supplies.

With the state of California in one of its worst droughts on record, industry leaders in the WateReuse Research Foundation have been pursuing a number of different avenues to strategically utilize existing water resources to meet growing demands for drinkable water. To that end, the WateReuse Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) Initiative was launched in 2012 to examine the feasibility of implementing a large-scale DPR program throughout California by 2016. The DPR system primarily involves transporting treated, reused water directly into treatment plants, bypassing surface water reservoirs or ground water basins. DPR programs have already been adopted in select cities throughout a number of Texas cities since 2013, where the groundwater is poor quality and surface sources are scarce.

Established in 1990 as the official research branch of the WateReuse Association of California, the Research Foundation remains at the forefront of reclamation and sanitation measures for underground and surface bodies of water. The nonprofit foundation is primarily funded by subscriber partners and tax-deductible donations from interested agencies.


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