Novato Sanitary District’s Recycled Water Facility

Founded in 1998, RMC Water and Environment is an engineering firm focused on providing environmentally-friendly solutions for water management. The organization focuses on developing water infrastructure, treatment facilities, and recycling resources. In 2013, the Novato Sanitary District’s recycled water facility, designed by RMC Water and Environment, received the California Water Environment Association’s Engineering Achievement Award in recognition of its excellence in the field of wastewater treatment.

The Novato Sanitary District in Northern California launched its recycled water facility in 2012. Located at the district’s headquarters, the plant treats wastewater to be reused for landscapes. The wastewater undergoes primary and secondary treatments to remove solid and dissolved matter; it also receives an advanced tertiary treatment to eliminate any contaminants that slip through the first two processes. This extensive treatment system removes more than 99% of impurities from the water and allows landscapes to be irrigated with quality filtered water.

The $6 million facility is expected to save 150 million gallons of water annually, which is equivalent to the yearly water usage of approximately 1,400 single-family homes.


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