The Importance of Indirect Potable Reuse

Since its founding, RMC Water and Environment has been an environmental engineering leader in California thanks to its commitment to serving its clients and finding the best possible solutions to complex water-related issues. With eight offices across the state, RMC Water and Environment is constantly searching for new and innovative ways to address different water-related issues. For example, in order to protect California’s precious traditional water supplies, the company is an industry leader in the field of indirect potable reuse (IPR) opportunities.

As a way to lighten the load placed on traditional water supplies, indirect potable reuse involves techniques like groundwater replenishment and surface water augmentation. By using new technology to treat water that would otherwise be wasted and discharging it back into surface or groundwater supplies, IPR can augment drinking water supplies. Because IPR is not dependent on rainfall or other traditional water sources, it can make a significant contribution to areas and communities where traditional water sources are scarce.


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