The WateReuse Research Foundation Leads California Water Initiative

RMC Water and Environment is a California-based environmental engineering company that provides solutions for a wide variety of water-related projects. An innovative company, RMC Water and Environment works to advance the industry through contributions to a number of related organizations, including the WateReuse Research Foundation (WRRF).

The WRRF is a nonprofit organization that is dedicating to advancing the science of water reuse, recycling, reclamation, and desalination. In this pursuit, the foundation conducts and promotes applied research that covers a wide spectrum of issues and currently has more than 70 projects underway.

The WRRF is also leading a Direct Potable Reuse (DPR) research initiative aimed at helping California reach its legislative and state-mandated water reuse goals by 2016. Currently, the WRRF is actively working to raise the funds and begin the research necessary to develop safe, affordable, and reliable ways of implementing an effective DPR system in the state. To date, the DPR initiative has raised nearly $4 million toward the $6 million needed to make the undertaking a success.